Crazy Car Stereotypes—Let’s Just Hope They Are Insured!

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Okay – so it may seem stereotypical but it’s still funny to read about what your car “supposedly” says about you.  At one point or another, we have all judged the person in the Bentley blowing by us. Here are a few stereotypes we are all guilty of making.

#1: Convertible. Make way for the rich 17-year old Barbie or Ken. We have to catch a glimpse. We also have to wonder if they have Alaska auto insurance. We hope so—seeing as they are probably texting their friend sitting directly next to them.

#2: Hummer. Hummers always have a negative connotation attached to them. Maybe it’s because they are always riding you in the fast lane with that annoying grumbling. We always have to get a quick look at the driver. And glare. QUIT GUZZLING UP ALL THE GAS IN THE WORLD!

#3: Volkswagen Bug. 1 word: Girly. If it’s a man behind the wheel, we all wonder—especially if there are sunflowers in the vase next to the wheel.

#4: Jeep. This “dude” leads a pretty free lifestyle. Yes, you know it’s a dude— especially when you can’t tell the color of the vehicle…due to the excessive dried mud splattered all over the side. Off-roading much?

#5: Pick-Up. Construction worker? Builder? Hunter? Or maybe they are just from the sticks.

#6: Ferrari. Simple…you’re rich.

Okay so these are not all true! But come on, it’s a nice laugh right? No matter what kind of car you drive, if you have AK auto insurance then you can be sure to be dubbed “smart” by stereotype.  Any intelligent driver knows that auto insurance is just as important as the gas you put in your car. At Conrad-Houston Insurance, we will find the perfect policy for you, guaranteed to take care of liability, medical, collision, and comprehensive. Visit our Virtual Insurance Office for more information and a free quote today! Happy driving!

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