Is Your Car Prepared for Autumn with AK Auto Insurance?

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Folks, fall is coming. We are all sad to see the summer go, but fall is so beautiful! It’s a time for festivals and for long car rides to enjoy the beautiful foliage. To prepare for your fall travels, it is important that you make sure your car is in tip-top shape. This means getting is ready for the colder temperatures and reviewing your Alaska auto insurance. After all, feeling protected will allow you to enjoy these drives so much more!

Here are a few tips when it comes to preparing your car for the fall season!

#1: Get maintenance repairs done now. Have your oil checked, air filter cleaned, windshield wiper fluid filled…or anything else that should be done! You don’t want any car problems in this cold weather…trust us!

#2: Check your tires. All those summer road trips have definitely done work on your tires. Make sure the pressure is good to go and if you haven’t rotated them lately, it might be a good idea!

#3: Anti-freeze. You never know when you are going to need it! Though it is not winter, it is common to see frost on your windows!

#4: Keep a brush in your trunk. This is prudent when preparing for the fall season. Those leaves will be falling before you know it…right onto your car! Then it will rain…and wet leaves are definitely not fun!

#5: Check your insurance policy. Wet leaves on the side of the road can be very dangerous. Don’t be surprised if they cause an accident! Having Alaska auto insurance will be sure to cover the costs of any damages or medical costs in the event of an accident.

Let’s start fall off on the right foot! At Conrad-Houston Insurance, we want to make sure you are properly insured before hitting the road. A typical Alaska auto insurance policy will cover medical, collision, comprehensive and liability. Even the smallest fender-bender could set you back a few hundred dollars. It’s better to keep that wallet stuffed and you and your car safe.

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