Planning Ahead for a Drive Through Alaska

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A drive through Alaska is high on many Americans’ list of adventures they must have. For those with all the time in the world, driving from your home town through Canada to Alaska is an opportunity to explore two countries. Those with limited time may prefer to fly and hire a car or motorhome in Alaska. Auto insurance is a good idea, remember, before you drive off into the sunset.

Alaska is different – that’s why you want to go there! With the stunning scenery and geographical features of this unique region come quite a few challenges for travelers, and it’s important to prepare for your trip.

• Pack clothing for a variety of weather as you travel through different regions of Alaska: cold weather, of course, as well as rain and wind. In summer interior regions are likely to be dry and hot.

• Take extra water and food when travelling between communities in Alaska. You may have to travel long distances without any services. Refill your gas tank at every opportunity, and try to keep it above the half-full mark.

• When traveling in Alaska in winter, check out weather conditions before setting out.

Drive safely, and be aware of the particular challenges of traveling in Alaska. Auto insurance and a first-aid kit are essential in case of accidents. A little planning will ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Alaska is just as adventurous as you have always dreamed!


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