Four ways to deter burglars

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Summer has arrived, so for many Alaskans, it’s time
for a vacation. You have probably spent a bit of time planning all the details
of your trip, but have you considered ways of keeping intruders out of your
home while you are away? Remember that installing devices to improve home
security may attract insurance discounts, and reduce the cost of the
home insurance in Fairbanks AK homeowners purchase to protect their assets.

Here are four low-cost measures that might deter
would-be burglars:

1.     An
obviously empty garage may indicate that there is no-one at home. Fit frosted
or opaque glass in the windows of your garage so that burglars are unable to
see whether your garage is empty.

2.     Trim
overgrown hedges and shrubs in your yard so that there is no place where
thieves can hide while waiting for a chance to break into your home.

3.     Store
ladders under lock and key. A ladder left in your yard can be used by a burglar
to gain access to upper story windows.

4.     Avoid
your home looking unoccupied when you are out of town; arrange for a neighbor
to take in mail and newspapers and park in your driveway.

These four home security measures may be simple and
low-cost, but they are effective. When it comes to home security, prevention is
always better than cure, so don’t rely on
home insurance in Fairbanks
protect you from the consequences of burglary. Address gaps in your security
arrangements, and make your home less vulnerable to break-ins.

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