Getting To Know Your New Home

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Are you about to buy your first home in Fairbanks AK? While your head is full of plans for arranging finance, purchasing insurance and moving in, your heart is probably full of ideas for expressing your creativity in your new home.

There may be a strong temptation to start a home improvement project as soon as the keys are in your hands, but it’s probably likely that the purchase has stretched your finances. To make the best use of your limited funds, consider focusing on simple, low-cost home improvements, such as painting interiors, and putting up new curtains. You might also want to consider installing some basic security measures, such as intruder lights, door locks and smoke alarms. Putting security measures in place, including alarms, may save you money too, by attracting discounts on the cost of home insurance premiums.

Curbing your natural enthusiasm, and postponing an ambitious remodeling project, may have significant advantages. Improvement projects that involve major remodeling work are best left until you have lived in the home for a year or so. Living there through each season of the year will give you a different perspective on the living space – you’ll have seen where light falls at various times of the day and in different months, felt which rooms are coolest in summer and coziest in winter, and heard how external sounds like traffic noise affect bedrooms.

By waiting until you have got to know your new abode, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, be more certain that your home improvement plans are based on your experience of living there, and will be able to create a more comfortable, secure and convenient Alaskan home.

Once you have made plans for the remodel, make sure you speak to your agent about any effect your plans may have on your home insurance. When the work has been completed, you will more than likely have to review your coverage limits.


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