How Much Do You Depend On Your Car?

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Having to have your car towed to a repair shop and wait for it to be fixed after a car accident can be hugely inconvenient. With the great distances between communities in Alaska, and the harsh climate, being without a car for even a short time can be a real problem.

If an accident put your vehicle in the shop for repairs, how would you get to work, school or the shops? If you didn’t have another car in your family, and couldn’t afford to hire a care, how would you get around while you wait for the collision damage to be repaired?

If you depend heavily on having a car available at all times, it might be well worth having rental reimbursement coverage included in your auto insurance. This type of coverage gives you immediate access to a hire car in the event your vehicle is in an accident that leaves it un-drivable.

Hiring a car can be costly, but for an extra few dollars each month, additional coverage for rental reimbursement may be much more affordable. Call us to discuss how rental reimbursement coverage might help to avoid you being left out in the cold without a car.


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