5 Reasons to Update Your Home Insurance

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Our lives are constantly changing. As people, we change constantly, which affects everything around us as well. This includes the way we do things, our priorities, our financial situations and our AK homeowners insurance. Wait…what? Homeowners insurance? Yes, we know you may have figured out which policy you wanted years ago but there are many reasons why YOUR home insurance may need to be updated!

#1: You have recently remodeled. Remodeling increases the worth of your house and your insurance agent should be aware of that. It doesn’t matter if it was the kitchen, bathroom or maybe an added sun room. It’s important to make sure it has the proper coverage.

#2: The weather is changing. Call us crazy, but doesn’t the weather seem to be getting worse? It seems like there is always some catastrophic event going on! It’s unfortunate and we do not want to see this happen to you. Flood and earthquake policies may be added onto your Alaska homeowner’s insurance policy.

#3: You bought a puppy. Or maybe even a kitten! Some policies offer animal liability. This is especially useful for off-the-wall puppies—they are cute but cause quite the damage at times!

#4: Expensive items. How happy were you last Christmas when your spouse bought you that expensive diamond ring or watch? Precious and expensive gifts are something you would never want to lose. If you look into your Alaska homeowner’s insurance policy, you will find an option to have these valuables covered.

#5: You have a new addition to the family. Having a baby not only means changing your lifestyle drastically, it also means rearranging your career at times! So now you work from home. Your policy may not cover this at all! It’s always good to look into it.

The bottom line: It’s best to go over your insurance policy every year. At Conrad-Houston Insurance, we believe change is a good thing—but don’t let it cause a financial disaster!

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