Don’t Let These 3 Business Disasters Get You!

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Having your own business has many perks. The obvious—you are the big boss! You make the most profit and have control of your work schedule. You are in charge of who you employ, their benefits and how much you pay everyone. You are responsible. Yes…responsible for everyone and everything having to do with your company… Are you starting to see a downside? These responsibilities do not have to be a downside! Having business insurance in Alaska is a way to make sure you are protected. Here are a few scenarios to show you what we mean.

1.    Your best salesman is on his way to close a deal. You get the dreaded phone call that not only did he fail to close the deal…but the company car is totaled due to an accident. Commercial auto insurance will be able to take care of these damages.

2.    It’s another beautiful morning after a 3-day holiday weekend. You feel refreshed and are ready to take on the 4-day week. Until…you pull up to see the building. Not only is there graffiti on your building but the glass door is shattered! If you have commercial property insurance, you have nothing to worry about.

3.    Your accountant decides to go help out in the warehouse because there is an inventory crisis. Twenty minutes later, there is an ambulance pulling up. Joe the accountant fell off the forklift. Let’s hope you have workers compensation to take care of this mess!

What happens during the 40-hour week days is unpredictable. There are great weeks and there are off weeks. Don’t wait for an off week to decide on business insurance. Alaska business owners deserve a break at some point and that’s why we are here to take some of the responsibility from you. Take advantage of it!

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