The Pros and Cons of Electric Cars!

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Everyone is always talking about their new electric cars and how great they are. Are they really that great? For one, they save on gas prices- sounds good to us! However, they do have their downsides. It’s time to find out the down low on these mysterious vehicles once and for all. It’s also time to look into Alaska auto insurance because whether you go electric or not- you will need it!

-Gas prices are low due to the fact that these cars can also run on battery life.
-Less maintenance…say goodbye to oil changes.
-Environmental friendly. Many people invest a lot of time and energy into saving the environment..this is one way you can!
-It’s clean. No gross gas smells coming from this car. That’s a plus for your garage.
-It’s quiet. The engine doesn’t roar on you every time you start the car.
-So you have an issue only a professional can solve. Good luck trying to find a good mechanic. Since these cars are so new, many mechanics are not savvy with them yet.
You have to buy new– there are no used electric cars at the moment.
-These cars have not been tested enough for hard evidence that they are safe enough for most situations.
-These cars are expensive and many additives such as your battery type will raise the costs.
-Who knows how reliable these batteries are! Again, it comes down to the inexperience we have with these cars.


Overall, these cars have a lot of testing and experience to go through before we can fully trust them. However, the pros are also powerful because with gas prices these days, it’s impossible to want to pass this up. No matter what car you may decide on, you need AK auto insurance. A typical auto insurance policy will cover liability, medical, comprehensive and collision. Whether you crash an old beat up Honda or a new Nissan Leaf, insurance will be the one to save your wallet.

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