Avoid a Driving Disaster with AK Auto Insurance

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Americans seem to feel the need to multitask more and more. You see people at the gym working out and reading, students doing homework and listening to music and people driving and texting. Though the first two examples may not be dangerous, the last one is! Driving is never a time to multitask. This is extremely popular among teenagers mostly, but since many adults have began to embrace technology, even they are at risk. It is important to protect yourself and your vehicle in case of any accident. This means having Alaska auto insurance to keep you from paying unwanted collision costs if an accident should happen. However, to avoid an accident all together, here are a few reminders:

1.    Stop looking down. The texting and driving has got to stop- your friends will not hate you if you don’t answer right away!

2.    Put your phone on silent. If you can’t hear it, you won’t look.

3.    Make a playlist. Set a playlist before you start driving, so you won’t feel the need to fumble and search through your iPod.

4.    Insure yourself. Look into AK auto insurance to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident.

5.    Stop yapping. You can chat later, focus on driving.

Driving is a time to focus and a time to get from one place to another. It should not be taken advantage of! Keeping these tips in mind, you will avoid becoming distracted and involved in an avoidable accident. If an accident should happen, having AK auto insurance will cover liability, medical, collision and comprehensive.  Accidents are not always your fault, and if some other person decides to not follow the rules of the road, why should you pay out of pocket? Stay covered, stay safe and stay smart!

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