Are You Always Stressed? No Need to be with Alaska Insurance!

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Yes- life can be overwhelming, especially for people in their 30’s and 40’s. Between working, family, children, bills, Alaska insurance, appointments…it may seem like you never have a spare moment for yourself! However, it is all possible…you just have to organize your life!

Here are a few ways to make the best of your time:

#1: Post-its. I swear- these little sticky pieces of paper will come in awful handy! Use them as reminders.

#2: Keep calls short. An old friend calling? Let them know you only have 10 minutes, especially if you are busy.

#3: Prioritize. Making a to-do list will help you rank tasks from important to least. And don’t start with the least important!

#4: Be insured. Having Alaska insurance is sure to take a load off your mind. It can cover everything from your life, home, cars and even your business.  So you don’t have to worry about the unexpected!

#5: Breathe. Freaking out never got anyone anywhere. If you have a lot to do, the best you can do is relax.

#6: Go to bed early. And get up early! The extra few minutes in the morning…take time for YOURSELF. Enjoy a mug of coffee and read.

With life being so hectic, we understand why it is hard to relax. At Conrad-Houston Insurance we want to help take some of life’s stresses away from you- such as the unexpected. With Alaska insurance, you will feel better knowing that you are protected from the worst. Anything from damages, medical, liability and even your own life can be covered. We offer a large variety of policies for everyone. Hand over some of that stress- we can handle it!

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