Do You Want to Save Money on Gas & AK Auto Insurance?

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Has any else noticed the spike in traffic during the morning commute? School is in session, folks! That means everyone will be driving much more and gas prices are not getting any cheaper. With more cars on the road there is more traffic, more idling, and a greater risk of an accident. You can almost feel the money crawling out of your wallet! To ensure that you will save on gas and Alaska auto insurance, we have a few tips for you.

#1: Limit your driving. Choose one day to run all your errands, so you are not always driving back and forth during the week. It may also be time to have your children take the bus!

#2: Leave early. Even 10 minutes early will cut out idling at the traffic light- and you will not feel rushed!

#3: Take the highway. Back roads usually have more stops, which is sure to affect your gas tank.

#4: Look into your policy. It’s important to check in on your Alaska auto insurance policy and make sure you are covered from collision costs, liability, medical and comprehensive. Without it, even the smallest fender-bender will ruin your day (and paycheck!)

#5: Stay shady. Parking in the shade at work will prevent your gas from evaporating. Sounds horrible right? Your money just evaporating into thin air!

You will be surprised by how much money you save with these few tips. At Conrad-Houston Insurance, we believe that no one should have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas each month or insurance! That is why we offer discounts on Alaska auto insurance– so you can afford the proper coverage! A typical policy will cover comprehensive, collision, medical and liability. Have other needs? Just let us know- we do not want the unexpected to affect anyone this school year. Happy driving!

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