Why Should Renters Look into Alaska Insurance?

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If you are a first-time renter, you may not know exactly what to expect from your landlord. Will they be there to help with repairs? What will their insurance policy cover? It’s important to pay attention to the contract and be sure to read all the agreements. Usually, your landlord will be there to have someone repair any issues with your place. Unfortunately, their insurance policy does not cover you the way you may want it to. It’s time for you to look into your own Alaska insurance policy; renters insurance.

Here’s a quick lesson on the differences:

Your renters insurance:

This policy is essential; a renter’s version of “home insurance”. It will cover your personal possessions and liability. If there are damages done to your belongings, theft, or an accident in your home, you will be covered from any unexpected costs.

Their landlord’s insurance:

Your landlord’s policy has nothing to do with your assets. Their policy covers the structure of the building and any damages, theft that is done to THEIR property. Your belongings are not a part of that!

See the difference? In order to be protected, renters must look into their Alaska insurance and add a renters policy to their plan. Without it, you will be risking it all- and that is the last thing you need! Don’t let the unexpected ruin your first renting experience.

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