Survive a Flood with Alaska Insurance

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The state of Alaska is no stranger to flooding. From excessive rainfall to ice flooding, residents really never know when to be prepared! The best thing to do is to ALWAYS be prepared with a few crucial tips and Alaska insurance. It is not every day that you get to learn about how to handle a flood, so now is a good time to pay attention! Here are a few important tips to remember if a flood comes through your town.

Move important furniture and valuables. A flood is not going to spare your favorite items. Any important documents or valuables should be moved to the highest level in your home.

Move to a higher level. If your home does not have a higher level, it may be a good idea to find a place that does!

Refrain from touching any electronics. Obviously, one should not tamper with any electronics or outlets during the flood. However, once the flood has ended it is better to have an electrician come in and make sure everything is good to go.

Stay covered. With Alaska insurance, you have the option to look into a specific flood policy. If your home is prone to flooding, standard flood policy is the way to go. However, if your home is in a low-risk area, you will only need a preferred risk policy. Your Alaska insurance agent will help you figure this out!

Stay in touch. Always have batteries in your house and a radio. It’s important for you to hear updates on the news!

Most importantly, you must stick with your friends and family. Be sure to have an evacuation route planned and educate your family on these safety tips. As long as you are safe, we will take care of the rest. A flood policy is a crucial part of your Alaska insurance. It will cover your personal belongings, damages down to your home and much more. Without it, you could be left with thousands of dollars worth of damages. Don’t let an unexpected flood wash out your life!

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