Boosting home security

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Like many Alaskans, you might live in a remote area or small town outside the main cities. But whether you live in Fairbanks AK, or a rural community, there’s a risk of your home being burgled. Having good security is your first line of defense, and it’s also important to have home insurance, in case you are the victim of a theft, and you need to replace your possessions.

There is much you can do to reduce the risk of your home being the target of thieves.

•    Fit strong locks on all points of entry to your home, including windows as well as doors, and make it a habit to lock up when leaving the house unoccupied.

•    Keep ladders locked away so that they cannot be used by burglars to access upper-story windows.

•    Keep shrubs and trees pruned to eliminate places where a thief could hide before or after a burglary.

•    Consider installing an alarm system and security lighting.

Home insurance may provide protection from losses due to burglary, but is a second line of defense against thieves. Robust home security is the best way of deterring burglars. As an added benefit, installing devices such as intruder lights, and burglar alarms, may attract discounts on the cost of your home insurance premiums. Call us if you’d like to review your home insurance coverage.


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