No matter what I throw at them, the team at CHI is always friendly, knowledgeable and super speedy at getting answers and/or additional coverages.

Sara D., customer since 2020

The most important thing to me is a speedy response when I ask a question or have a need. And between Zach and Brittany that’s exactly what I get. Keep up the good work.

Carl P., customer since 1994

Mark has been a great agent always takes care of the details and keeps us informed and gets us the best coverage at a great rate and is always available

Greg W., customer since 2012

Brittany is always so responsive to my requests which is most appreciated.

Customer since 2002

Sou is always so cheery and a pleasure to talk with on the phone. Both Sou and Mark are always on the spot with what we need from keeping current customers up to date, to getting info together for new bids and contract,s and helping with extra coverage for our short term needs. Thanks CHI.

Neal J., customer since 1995

I called Mike Dennis yesterday personally regarding the Covid-19 coverage. Mike responded right away. Thank you for calling back right away.

Karen K., customer since 2020

Paul Houston and Zack Durst have been a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable and I feel like they are always looking out for me.

Scott L., customer since 2019

CHI and Mike Dennis have been my agency/agent for over 30 years! I would never consider changing my insurance company or especially Mike Dennis!

Steve S., customer since 1996

Zack has worked hard for our business and has provided an eye opening quote, his knowledge has impressed my company and we look forward to working with him

Customer since 2018

Good pricing on your product and always willing to answer questions processing claims quickly. much appreciated!

Paul G., customer since 2017

You always take care of any issue we throw at you, best thing we ever did was move our coverage's to you.

Stephen H., customer since 2009

CHI has consistently provided knowledgeable, patient assistance whenever our company needed guidance about our insurance needs. Thanks for your help.

Customer since 1994

You are always available to answer my questions and concerns quickly! Your office is always totally on the ball with renewals and billing. We are 100% satisfied!

Christine H., customer since 2007

Customer service has always been great. When we call with a question, there is always someone to answer it for us.

Diane T., customer since 2009

Micheal, the specifics are that you provided timely information that focused on my business. You reviewed the policies with me and then I felt the premium was manageable for a small business. Your assistant, Cari, has been wonderful! She provides information quickly and, tho in an email, I feel she’s doing it with a “smile.” Thank you for a sense of added security!

Georgia B., customer since 2019

Hi! I’ve only worked with Alicia Smith once but it was a positive experience. Prior to, I worked with Angela Cole. She’s amazing and kept me coming back year after year! Thanks for asking!! Rachel

Rachel A., customer since 2015

Conrad-Houston insurance has had excellent customer service for the time I have used their services. When issues have come up they have always responded quickly and stayed on it until the issues were resolved. I completely recommend them to everyone. Dr. David Maisey

David M., customer since 2003

Very responsive. I feel supported and that I have an insurance expert who is my expert.

Peter B., customer since 2006

Great customer service.

Jack A., customer since 1997

I love that when I reach out with questions, you’re quick to respond and it’s familiar people answering my questions.

Customer since 2014

Conrad-Houston is a great insurance firm, with great customer service.

Cedric B., customer since 2019

Zack and Brittany are the best! We didn't know what we were missing until we made the switch.

Customer since 2018

Mark Merritt. He has been the best.

Customer since 2002

Zack and the team at CHI always work to get me great rates. They have provided exceptional service year after year, and continually make me feel like they appreciate my business. Great job.

Joshua F., customer since 2017

Ross and crew, not only do the job that all agents should do, as in proper coverage at the best rates. Their overall customer service is stellar. They show genuine concern about the protection of my business, it's a partnership.

Jim R., customer since 2018

First of all I would like to say that through some digging, Ross unveiled that our current insurance company had dropped the ball on us and failed to let us know that we were not insured when and where we should have been. He also discovered that none of our business property was protected where we thought that we were based on what we were told from our previous company. It was a no brainer making the switch to a company that has our interest in mind. We feel much safer knowing that we're actually protected and with some one as intentional as Ross is helping protect our future.

Bill F., customer since 2019

Zach is genuine and works hard for his clients. Able to save me money again this year. Thank you.

Jens N., customer since 2017

June is always extremely helpful and I am grateful to have her as a resource.

Customer since 2004

Conrad-Houston helped save me money with my insurance policy's and at the same time provided better coverage. My agent is always available to help with any questions I may have and the staff are very friendly. I would recommend them hands down!

Cindy R., customer since 2017


Fred A., customer since 2018

Zach rocks!!!!

Customer since 2015

Outstanding customer service!

Stefan C., customer since 2019

You are consistent in your service. Customer service Is always exceptional. I love the personal touches you give your clients. It makes a difference.

Karen M., customer since 1996

CHI is a great company to have your back when you have a claim. When given the runaround as the norm with most insurance claims, CHI went to bat for me and got my claim expedited. It's nice knowing I will be taken care of when life's curve balls try to interrupt my business.

Berni B., customer since 2004

Mark has always been there for us and always has answers when We have questions.

Customer since 2009

Over forty years your firm has stood by us to give us the right auto & home policies.

Eugene B., customer since 1994

Mark is amazing. I use him for all of my clients and recommend him to everyone. Hands down the best agent I have worked with.

Melissia S., customer since 2017

Very positive initial experience in transferring my policies to Conrad-Houston

Scott L., customer since 2019

I have always enjoyed working with Angela and her sense of professionalism.

Cheryl H., customer since 2015

Excellent support providing feedback on contracts and insurance requirements.

Customer since 1992

Been with you for at least 25 years and always satisfied. Bob Persons@Double Musky

Customer since 1995

Always treats our company as a partnership and also works extremely hard to provide the best rates!

Shane B., customer since 2017

I’m very happy with the services I received from Conrad Houston Insurance. Going through the transition was a great experience with Ross and his team. I highly recommend. Using their company for your business insurance needs.

Marcus B., customer since 2019

Good service, staff that knows the products and good prices. Now only if you had PENS.

Customer since 2019

Great team

Keola S., customer since 2013

Angela Cole is very helpful. She is always willing to help with a smile on her face. Thanks Conrad-Houston insurance

Ines V., customer since 2003

Zack did an amazing job getting us properly insured and for a great rate!

Scott H., customer since 2018

Mark Merritt always responds in a timely manner and provides me with great service.

Roseanne L., customer since 2007

We love that Conrad-Houston is more than just insurance sales. We see them not only as partners in our business and but also advisors when we are concerned about balancing cost and proper coverage. Highly recommend them for business large and small.

Kolbe Z., customer since 2017

Everything you do is right. You have helped my business over many years. I would not think about going any where else.

Cindy S., customer since 2005

I really liked the personal service we got with Ross at Conrad-Houston. Not only was he able to save us a lot of money on our business insurances but he actually explained to us how it all works, something that had never been explained in all of our years in business. We now have peace of mind that we are getting the best insurance for our money and we have a local contact who can quickly answer any questions we may have.

Joan A., customer since 2018

Gail, worked very hard in helping us getting what we needed for our auto insurance way before we cancelled our other insurance provider. She is very professional at her work and was always available when we had questions.

Deborah P., customer since 2019

June is always very timely in taking care of my needs and requests!

Darcy C., customer since 2004

Right on the spot with any questions that I would ask about my insurance. Like talking to family.

Keith T., customer since 2001

Angela did a lot of research to find me the best rates. She was easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and did not show any stress getting a walk in client. I enjoyed my experience with the Conrad Houston office.

Customer since 2019

Love the local contact and the knowledgeable staff. Prices are competitive

Customer since 1994

Angela is a great representative. She and the company has worked with us by letting us insure some of our vehicles for part of the year as they are not driven in the winter. This fact, for us, is very helpful.

Customer since 2013

Chelsea Dennis has always been willing to help me find an answer to a question or be a go-between when dealing with the Workers' Comp policy and auditing. I believe an office's staff say a bunch about a company. And Chelsea gets a gold star!

Michelle M., customer since 1994

Angela Cole was extremely helpful, very engaging and just fun to work with! I am confident I can trust what she's provided to me and am happy to be able to connect with her and Conrad-Houston.

Donna C., customer since 2019

Everything , Mike is great !!!! Great customer service

Customer since 2019

I have alwatys appreciated your service..I would be proud to recommend you to any of my friends...I will miss you as I move on in my live...Jeffery Wood

Jeff W., customer since 2013

Keep up the good work and continue doing what your company does best to be a successful service to our community especially those who serve our community of seniors and those who are most vulnerable in our Great State of Alaska thanks for years of quality service in a timely and gracious manner Sincerely, John& Julie Castillo owner /CEO Lakeview ALH LLC

John, customer since 2007

Your Commitment to Ensuring Customer Satisfaction Is Encouraging !!!!!!!

John B., customer since 2017

Angela Cole was great to work with

Michael H., customer since 1994

Zack has always gone above and beyond to make sure I'm always getting the best in Worker's Comp Insurance. I know that If I ever have any issues with my Insurance, I can call him, and with confidence he'll get my issues resolved quickly. He's always professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend Zack, and will continue to use his guidance in the insurance world for years to come. Aaron Ulmer. Owner/Director Visiting Angels Alaska

Aaron U., customer since 2017

Customer Service is everything and Mark Merritt and Leesa Creager take exceptional care of us. It keeps us coming back to our friends.

Customer since 2002

Zack and his team at Conrad-Houston have helped us lower our insurance expense by nearly 20% since we began working with CHI. The customer service and follow up has been exceptional. I would definitely recommend giving CHI the opportunity to earn your business.

Joshua F., customer since 2017

Mark Merritt is always there to help me and my clients. So thankful for his help.

Mikie B., customer since 2018

Conrad-Houston Insurance has been able to meet all my families insurance needs. Angela and the group are very knowledgeable in the industry, provide competitive premiums, and the customer service has been exceptional. Any questions have been answered very thoroughly.

Bryan, customer since 2004

Our broker Ross and Jenny are great. They are helpful when I have questions and they have saved us quite of bit of money on our insurance without compromising coverage.

Customer since 2017

Mark and CHI go out of their way for their clients. They to the footwork and find the best insurance products to fit your company's needs.

Joe W., customer since 2011

I am a small business in rural Alaska and as such would have a hard time finding the right insurance that will meet my needs. Conrad-Houston Insurance has provided the service needed to meet my insurance requirements

Janine S., customer since 1999

We are so happy with the service provided by Conrad-Houston Insurance. They are always so helpful and responsive with our policy and needs. Its easy to make changes or add ons. Thank you Paul and June for all you do!

Amanda S., customer since 2008

You saved me money, with great personal service!

Sue B., customer since 2016

You continue to do a tremendous job communicating with my company and taking care of our insurance needs. The insurance industry is so difficult to understand at times, both in terms of pricing and knowing how to deal with certain technical issues. Paul and his team have always done a superb job helping us navigate through these challenges.

Amber P., customer since 1994

Its never a sales pitch working with Ross. Its more of getting the facts. Ross worked very hard to get me the coverage I needed at the best price available. I feel my company and employees are better covered working with Ross. He is always available when I have questions or concerns and I enjoy working with him. Very happy he called me.

Beth V., customer since 2016

Paul and his staff are knowledgeable and very professional. It has been and continues to be, a pleasure to work with CHI regarding our various insurance needs. Stan Hooley, CEO Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

Don P., customer since 1994

Conrad-Houston has been the best thing to happen to my small transportation business. Our agent, Mark Merritt, patiently worked with us to set up the correct policy and saved us around 40% and provided more coverage than our previous broker. We had been paying unsustainable premiums. Not only did this keep us in business, but we were able to work with new customers that required these higher coverage limits. To this day, they are quick to respond and make the changes we need as well as analyze our policy to get the most protection for us as well as our customers. I absolutely recommend them.

Customer since 2017

For all of our business and workers compensation related insurance needs, Paul and his team have done an extraordinary job over the years for our company. I've never seen a need to look any further than Conrad-Houston Insurance.

Denise K., customer since 2000

Conrad/Houston, has the BEST service, quality people, and good rates !! You can not beat the Conrad/ Houston team !! Happy Customer: Curt Wilson

Curtis W., customer since 2015

Mark Merritt is an excellent agent, very meticulous.

Customer since 2017

Prompt replies from the office, and Paul is great to explain and help us understand our coverages.

Customer since 2013

I appreciate the friendships that were build over the years as well as the personal and extroidinary service that you have rendered. Thanks Mike and Paul!

Larry C., customer since 2003

Angela has been great dealing with. Helps us find the best we can get for the least money as being retired is not financially easy, but we do need insurance. thankfully we have not had to use this insurance, but who knows what the future holds. Dealing with Angela is always a pleasant experience.

Customer since 2013

You go out of your way to try and find the right coverage for our business. This year was one of the easiest renewals ever with your prompt reminders and prefilled forms to review. I used to dread insurance renewals, but your team made it a breeze. What a relief!

Raissa D., customer since 2002

I like our agent Ross treat us like a friend not a client, full knowledge of the type of insurance we need and have one on one meeting with us review all documents before we receive our folder. I will recommend Conrad Houston to all my friends.

Elsie W., customer since 2015

You have a wonderful staff, and every time I've needed to make a change, or just some information, they've always been prompt and professional. Thanks for everything you do!

Terri M., customer since 2010

We have worked with Zack for years and he is always very helpful and knowledgeable.

Kim F., customer since 2007

CHI has provided our insurance needs since we began business in 2003. They are always a valuable resource, their staff are personable, accessible, and quick to respond. Ralph Carney

Ralph, customer since 1999

Customer Service. Responding quickly to calls and finding solutions

Don W., customer since 1998

I requested a cert this last week and didn't fully understand what I/my client needed--June was super prompt in getting the cert back to me (within hours) and helping me understand what I needed.

Customer since 2017

Angela is a gem! She really has our best interest in mind as her clients.

Mariah K., customer since 2007

Gail Johnnie provided excellent customer service in helping me switch my auto policies!! She looked over my existing policy and recommended some changes that made a lot sense to me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the cost for the policy was almost the same as I had been paying before... but with more benefits to me! When I had a very specific, detailed question, she offered to find the information for me and quickly responded with exactly what I needed. Thank you Gail!

Michael G., customer since 2018

Good personal service; solid efforts to get me the best policy at a good price; good and prompt communications with me; local agency.

Customer since 2017

The excellent customer service and always looking to get me the lowest pricing. I would and do recommend Conrad Houston to all my associates.

Keith W., customer since 2012

It is a Great Advantage having a local broker that communicates on a regular basis!!!! My past broker was not seen or heard from for the entire first year of my policy.

John B., customer since 2017

Conrad-Houston made the choice to use their services and insurance products easy because of their dedication to the business relationship and the personal attention and management services their offer, along with follow through to provide. They are very knowledgeable! Even if you are happy with your current provider, I recommend you give them a call. You might be surprised how much you can save , both in premiums and time managing insurance needs.

Kevin T., customer since 2017

Loving being able to call to ask a question and make changes quickly with a person rather than fight with the internet and login. In less than 8 minutes CH did what I fought with the online system to do and couldn’t get done in 30 minutes.

Customer since 2005

I love having one on one communication with Leesa Creager and Mark Merrit. They are always helpful and willing to help in any way they can. It is always a pleasure to talk to them and do business with them. They take customer service to another level and make time to problem solve any issues. Thanks so much for the many years of great customer service!

Lillian N., customer since 2004

Conrad-Houston is always very responsive to any questions ASAA may have. C-H makes us feel like a valued customer in every interaction.

Billy S., customer since 1994

Mike Dennis is an AWESOME agent and really looks out for his customers!!

Customer since 2018

The one on one I get with my agent. Call and I receive information, no waiting.

Carrol L., customer since 2004

I have recommended you guys!

Stacey B., customer since 2010

CHI Insurance and the entire staff are remarkably committed, enthusiastic and have been servicing Aurora Productions, Inc. for well over 25 years! I would strongly recommend CHI to anyone with any type of insurance needs.

Steve S., customer since 1996

By going through Conrad-Houston Insurance we were able to lower costs on our auto and home insurance so much that we added an umbrella policy, all at the same cost as our previous auto and homeowners combined. Later, a strong wind blew through Anchorage and we lost half of our roof. The insurance company quickly sent an adjuster to our home, assessed the damage and made a partial payment on the spot. The balance was of the damage payment was paid as soon as the roof was replaced. We were very happy with the experience and the money received. It's hard to say you are happy that your roof blew off in a storm, but the insurance agency really made it less difficult to experience and gave us a positive outcome.

Customer since 2016

Communication is fantastic, flexible in coming to you or going to their office when convent for you. Very knowledgeable and will get you the answers.

Tammy M., customer since 2017

Always has the answers and the right direction, not to mention, knowledge of what is needed for our business. I have always had the most pleasant conversation with your staff, and they are very responsive.

Corinna K., customer since 2000

Mike Dennis always picks up his phone, even when out of state or on the golf course. great service!! His assistants are very competent when communicating information. Jack Lewis

Jack L., customer since 2008

Zack keeps me in the loop on all of our policies and because of his dogged determination got our worker's comp mod rate lowered drastically.

Customer since 2002

CHI has for many years partnered with the ASAA to serve Alaska’s students. They do a great job in helping us minimize our risk and maximizing our protection in an affordable manner. We consider them a part of our team.

Customer since 1994

I have always had great service from the people in the office at Conrad Houston. They are quick to return phone calls and find answers to my questions. Mike Dennis has been our agent for over 10 years and works hard in our behalf. Thank you for your great team.

Vikki S., customer since 1995

I am very happy with our commercial insurance agents at CHI. Zack Durst and Brittany Oden (?) are super responsive. Whenever I have a question I get a response with an hour or two. They also get me the best premiums by shopping my coverage every year. I can't say enough about their energy, professionalism and customer service. Thank you CHI!

Carl P., customer since 1994

Angela Cole ensures I fully understand what I’m getting and makes sure I get the best price!

Customer since 2015

Cari is always super responsive and helpful. Her level of service goes beyond other vendors we have.

Diane P., customer since 2011

Thanks for taking care of us.

Sally K., customer since 2013

Very good competitive Pricing prompt at returning all communications. very Knowledgeable about the product

Paul G., customer since 2017

I love that when I need support you guys are very responsive.

Ben M., customer since 2010

Zack and CHI are experts in their field. It is refreshing working with an agent and organization that pride themselves in customer service. They were also able to reduce our Workers' Comp rates significantly, and have provided us with several other value added opportunities to learn more about topics pertinent to our business. Truly a pleasure to work with Zack and CHI.

Joshua F., customer since 2017

Mike, You take time to learn about our business operations so you can advise us well on the insurance we need. Things like event insurance is important so someone at a CHARR event does not have a problem with serious repercussions to CHARR.

Sarah O., customer since 1998

When I email or call with a request it is always handled right away! You guys have GREAT customer service.

Jeannie A., customer since 2017

Integrity. Knowing we can trust you is the reason for the 10 rating.

Customer since 2015

you brought doughnuts

Jim R., customer since 2018

Simple..... customer service. In every aspect, whoever I talk to at CHi, has made sure to do their part when I have had questions, concerns, even tasks for them, when it's come to the needs of the practice or myself.

DDS C., customer since 2018

Great to work with. Helpful for new owners still learning the ropes.

Bekki W., customer since 2016

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